SyrLUG Meeting Directions

The next SyrLUG meeting will be by video conference.  For the meeting we will be using Jitsi Meet as the video conference service. This requires an Internet connection.

A Jitsi Video conference can be entered via web browser (Google Chrome, Chromium, or Opera are preferred) with no installation or from apps on Android or IOS devices (phone or tablet).  For phones or tablet, install the app "Jitsi Meet" from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.  A Linux x86 32 / 64 bit client may be downloaded from:

NOTE: The Jitsi application install is a legacy version not compatible with Jitsi Meet.  The Linux Jitsi Meet install is also not what you want, it is a server install.

To join the meeting through the phone/tablet app, or Linux client, just enter the meeting name: SyrLUGMeeting

To join the meeting throuth a web browser:

To join voice only by phone: +1.512.647.1431, conference ID: 2005575836#

For a better conference experience, use a higher performance device.

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